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Battery Location..

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here goes round 2..

In an attempt to replace my battery terminals, get rid of some understeer, free up my underhood space I bought a relocater kit from Summit. I'm not sure where to put the thing in my trunk. I read a CRX install and they put it in the right rear but the battery was on the right to begin with, unlike my Gen2. I've also thought of driver weight, and a few other reasons to keep it on the right, but I'm not sure. I want to get it in this weekend if I can.

So, the left or the right, front or the back?
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I'd say right (passenger) for the same reason as you mentioned...driver.
Hey tell me how it goes when you do it and take pics if you can. I am interested in doing this as well.
I think sunday my friend and I are going to put it in, so I'll have access to her DV camera and my regular digital, so we can have pics.
Well, the kit is in.

I do NOT reccomend the Summit kit, we had to throw away the instructions and do it our way. I'll get pics later, I didn't take any during because I forgot my cam, and her DV wasn't charged.
good to hear you managed to get the project completed despite the crappy instructions.

What's are you impressions so far?
Well, it definetly freed up a lot of room by my airbox, and looks cool in the trunk. I have driven it a total of .8 miles from my friend's place to my house, so I really havne't had a chance to do any evaluation.
anyone done a battery relocation in a gen2? i wanna free up some space but i have subs in the trunk.
Sorry to jack your thread for a sec, but I got a question:
Besides relocating the weight from one side to the other (for better weight distribution), what other advantages are there for battery relocation?

If there's enuf good reason, then I might consider doing this. :D
Well, it makes for more room under my cramped hood, as well as gets rid of a little understeer supposedly. I drove it to chattanooga today, which is about an hour and some change, and it felt the same, but then again it was just basic interstate drivng, nothing pressing. Tomorrow after work I'll take it out on the country roads where I can raise some hell.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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