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Battery or Starter? pls help!

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Hey all,

This is my first post but definately not my last. A couple of weeks ago i went to start my car and it turned over a few times before making clicking noiseS (yes many.. sounds like something is slipping in the starter). Now it will turn over once before going into the clicking noises. I'm pretty sure it's the battery BUT I checked voltage w/ a DMM and I've got 12V... until I try to start it when it drops to 5V.

I just wanted to check and get some more opinions before I commit my funds to a battery or starter.

Thanks a bunch
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First thing to check would be the battery and cable connections. If you still have a problem then charge the battery fully take it out and have it load tested. It should not drop to 5 volts that quick.

12 volts is a very very low state of charge, 12.4 would be considered 75% charged, and of course 12.6 is fully charged, so it looks like you need a battery or at least you need to charge it up.
It's the battery

Yes, the symptoms you have described sure sound like a new battery is what you'll have to get.
Thanks for the quick replies guys... my wallet will be pleased with the news. Tomorrow I will try to jump start it just to confirm that the starter is fine. I guess I'll have to go easy w/ the stereo from now on :nono:

oh and one more thing... i didn't realize that i was looking for 12.6V... it actually read 12.15 so I will probably try to charge the battery first.
If you jump start it and it starts quickly then it is most likely the battery. You can always take the battery to autozone or another place similar and have it tested. If you ahve a battery charger you can try charging it overnight before taking it to test. They normally want it fully charged if possible before testing.
I agree that it sounds like a weak battery or a bad battery connection. When you take it to a place like Autozone, have them test the alternator too. Many times a weak battery is caused by a defective alternator. You could be curing the symptom, not the ailment. Also, make sure the alternator belt is good and tight.

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