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Full episode video:

Teaser videos:

Behind the scenes showing how LFA's brakes are far superior to the R8 V10 since they went downhill very fast after the very first run:

Some stats for results:

Standing mile:

LFA: 30.58 [email protected] mph (admitted to screwing up the launch big time. Neutral dropped only, but reeled it back easily).
R8: [email protected] 166.1 mph

Win: :LFA

Top speed:

LFA: 184.1 mph (Too much handling downforce due to spoiler not retracting)
R8 V10: 185 mph

Win: R8

0 - 100 - 0 mph

LFA: 1168 [email protected] 14.4 secs (LFA smoked off the line with 3 - 4 car lengths lead with perfect launch. Tanner claims he was using launch control system.)
R8 V10: 1167 ft @ 13.8 secs

Win: R8 V10

Road Course (1 mile)

LFA: 44.8 secs
R8 V10: 45.9 secs

(Tanner screwed up the launch in LFA big time, but still won by about 9 - 10 car lengths behind the LFA going at about 112 - 114 mph. LFA simply destroyed R8 V10 mercilessly)

Overall winner: Presenter gave the win to LFA/Tanner over the huge win in the Road course.
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