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I think at one time we came to the conclusion that the indents were used by the factory in order to maneuver the solid composite beds during production. (edit: since the beds are made at a separate location from the rest of the truck)

They added the plastic "cubby" inserts to make them useful somehow. Haven't kept anything in there myself. Thought about adding a door to them or using them to mount some bed lights like so many others have done.

"ThyssenKrupp Budd Co. will manufacture a short and long sheet-molding-composite
box for the Tacoma at a new plant near Toyota’s facility in Tijuana, Mexico. The
automaker will finish the boxes in Mexico and ship them to its New United Motor Mfg. Inc.
final assembly plant venture in Fremont, Calif."

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pnueve said:
I'm not sure what they are for either, but I broke the tabs off of one of them getting it out to figure out what it was for.
No tools are needed to remove them without breaking anything:

The pockets should have a little "play" around them. Pull straight up on the pocket, and then get your fingers underneath the bottom lip and pull the bottom out. It should come loose, and then rotate the top out and down to get the pocket out.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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