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Bed strength for tying down heavy loads

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I have all but made up my mind to get a new Tacoma. At the dealer today, I noticed the front part of the bed near the cab has no steel support. Or at least it doesn't look like their is. I can see where the composite bed bolts in so clearly there is no visible steel panel like the side of the truck has. If you tie a heavy load down against this part of the bed, say two dirt bikes, does it flex at all? I know I need to add tie down hooks but that can be done easily enough.

Before some smart alec says, "Yes it holds just fine, it's a truck stupid," remember that tailgates are bending and many people need the leaf spring update. I don't know if Toyota cut corners here as well.

I have a good deal on a white Access cab 4X4 V6 6-speed but need to know that final issue isn't an issue.

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i've tied down 2 and even 3 dirtbikes with mine and yes, it can flex a little. i added a third hook of my own in the center, which i backed with 1/4" of steel about 9 inches by 4 inches on the back side. it works pretty well. i put a canopy on and got a trailer now but, it worked really well for months and months. just whatever you do, don't use those sliding red rail cleat things.... i would suggest adding hooks to the front on the floor with the bed bolts and adding a center hook backed with steel.
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