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Sounds like a Madonna tune...

Anyway, the "Wireless Door Lock Buzzer" in my '05 DC seemed to act up whenever I drove after a rain storm. It would lose volume, but after a day or two it would recover.

After the torrential rain we had two weeks ago, the beeper pretty much stopped beeping. You could hear a pathetic little "eep" when the lock or unlock button was pressed, and it stayed that way.

I finally decided I couldn't stand it anymore, and decided to fix the little bugger. Then I determined that I couldn't find it! I have the Service Manual CD, and it shows the "piezo buzzer" sort of between the battery and the main fuse block, mounted to the bulkhead. Nuh-uh. Not there!

So, I went by the Dealership today at lunch. Asked the Writer (an old acquaintance) to show me where it was. No problem!

Well, neither he nor one of the wrenches could find it. It was a slow lunch, so he said he was going to take the driver's front wheel off, and look under the sub-fender.

They jacked it up, snatched the wheel and the front of the sub-fender off, and there, hanging on its lead, was the buzzer. By the way, the parts guy had the same diagram, and a) they don't stock the part, and b) it costs $94! I read somewhere you can buy the same item at Radio Shack. I'd assume it is cheaper.

The tech pulls the buzzer out, and the Writer tells him to disconnect it so we can get a look at it. When he rotates it around to unplug it, a teaspoon of water poured out of it! When the writer hit the fob button again, it beeped loud and clear!

So, the tech - not able to determine where the darn thing was supposed to mount- tie-wrapped it (lead-end down) to the inside fender. They put the truck back together, drove it out of the garage and said "Have a Nice Day!"

I said I must owe them something, and he said they had learned something; that was plenty. Apparently the Service Manager's '06 had been doing the same thing, and they were going to jump on it when he returned.

So, assuming you want to hear the lock beeper, this may save you a lot of grief!
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