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i am going to be replacing my belts this weekend on my 92 cressida..i am buying the alt..belt and the power steering belt..but my ac belt i was thinking of just eliminating until this summer when i am having the a/c fixed..needs to be checked and refilled with the new r134 thing...will this cause anything not to work?? any performance benefits?? i just don't want to buy a new belt for something thats not working (yet)..should i just leave it out...will this effect any thing besides the a/c not working?? thanks guys...
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if you need to buy it anyway, you might as well. it makes practically no difference since the AC has the clutch on it.
yeah but can i just leave it off until i do need it? or will it hurt anything else besides the A/C which i have no need for at this time...
no it won't hurt anything. the AC is on it's own belt. if you have any refrigerant still in the system put the belt on and run the AC every month to circulate the oil. if it's discharged, doesn't matter either way.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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