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If I got a torch and heated it up could i fix it to a point?

I wouldnt need to know this If had been a better driver

30kph, ebrake, gravel, non-professional driver + frost fence pole =
fender, tie rod, blinker, knarled bumper, bent headlight bracket.

oh and the speaker fell out from under the dash too!

whats with dat?

I did pay $0 for the car.

:) thank you Jerry, owner of valentinos resauraunt

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WOW!!!! i know this one all two well!!!

i Smoked a Curb and Bent a Tie Rod, control arm, and a rim..

the rod is like 100+ bucks from Moog

make shure u use lock tight and a new jamwasher and pean it over.

DONT USE A TORCH. you will trun harden steal into Butter soft Sticks, and you will bend them out of shape in no time flat.

do the replacment rods and get it alinged...
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