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Bent Rod @#%&@$^*@~~!#$^$^&

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this is me yelling [email protected]#^Y$#&*

WHy~!! BC i My Mottor is FUCKED!%!#^

it runs, but at low RPM's its Sputering making a "I HAVE A BENT ROD" sound.

the one u only get when u get watter in ur intake and now the SHit is BENT type Sound13&Y!#&#&

well on the bright side i now get the Biuld the mottor from the Crank UP
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Oh ya. im going to Compreshon check it 2maro, let you guys know the full 411

Advice is Welcome and any 5sFE Piston Work/Upgrades/Rebiuld gides would be welcome
Sorry to hear that man... It's like finding out your child has a bow-leg or something... "Why God, Whyyyy!"
since you asked,

check these guys out.
Semy False Alarm!

I wake up this morning and think to my self.. maby some watter got in the Spark Plug Tube's.

so i pop the wire's and see that its actualy prity dry in there.. so i give it a shot and start the car up...

it runs smooth!

atleast at RPM's higher then 1k while not in gear, and higher then 2k when in gear.

im still going to compreshon check it tho.

will a serpintine belt tool get in there for me to turn over the block?
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Allright UpDate

I just did the Compreshon Check, and hear are the results. you guys tell me any insights u have on this. (its a 5s-FE, and the numbers are in Psi from Left to right from the front of the mottor.


1,2: took 2 strokes to hit 40psi the first stroke hit 30psi
3: Hit 60 Psi in one stroke and didnt gain any more presher after 2 more strokes.
3: Hit 30 Psi after the first stroke and didnt gain any after that.

the delta's between 3 4 agenst 1 and 2 dosent look to bad. but. seeing as how 3 hit 60 PSI while 4 hit 30 dose look "notso good" to me. altho im not to familure with Compreshon checks. so thats why im posting this information hear.
Damn you need a rebuild at least.
Quote from Toyota repair manual:
Compression pressure 178 psi or more
Minimum pressure 142 psi
Different between each cylinder 14 psi
If compression is low, pour a small amount of engine oil into cylinder through spark plug hole and retest.
If adding oil helps compression, chances are that piston ring or cylinder bore is worn or damage.
If pressure stay low, a valve maybe sticking or seat improperly or leaky gasket.

Make sure you tight the compression gauge so it doesn't leak. Your pressure is way too low.
yea.. i think its best i do rings and vlaves on the mottor.

im going to leave the mottor in the car while i do this. no need to overhall the whole intire mottor. (tomuch work)
wait how did you do the compression test? i hope you didn't turn it manually.
1. disconnect the ignitor and remove the spark plugs
2. intall the compression tester into a cylinder
3. turn the car over untill the gauge stops raising
4. record each cylinder's compression results
5.add a tablespoon of oil to cylider #1 and retest the compression and repeat for every cylinder
6. if the compression went up then the rings are bad if they stayed the same then the valves aren't sitting properly.

at a compression that low your car should not be running AT ALL.
so do a retest and give us an update. and if your interested i got a 4cylinder gen3 camry motor i can get my hands on
Wait, you do this with the starter?


hehe See i never did this test before, ive done leekdown's before (dont own the tools) and timing belts and shit..


ya i did it manualy (im so buff)

i thought so :lol: test it again and make sure to test it again but use a little oil after the first test that way you'll know for sure:thumbup:
ya i was thinking to myself that 40 was low

and was saying.. but my car runs prity well. ..

(it actualy dose run prity smooth)
After doing it im thinking underdrive pully kit would be fun.
do it with the starter, make sure the motor is at temp, disconnect the ignition coil, pull the EFI relay, do one cylinder at a time, add a table spoon of oil in the cylinder, MAKE SURE THE THROTTLE BODY IS FULLY OPEN!

I doubt you bent a rod, 15 psi +/- between cylinders is normal.

If you need a rebuild here is your opprotunity to swap a 3SGTE in it.

Oh and BTW dont waste your money on those underdrive pullies = waste of money, does more harm then good.

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