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Best exhaust for. . . . . .

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Looking for the best exhaust for my Taco that'll produce a deep/rich sound. . . any ideas/links?
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Exhaust sound is about personal tastes.
I have a 18" Maggie welded into the stock system.
Sounds good to my old ears. It only cost me $75 installed.
Has some deepness and not too ricey. My next truck may get a TRD cat back
if I feel like spending the $500.
Yea basically i'm lookin to make my 4cyl sound like its a V6 or V8 in theory. . . definately don't want a fart can sound u here in the 'ricers' as i call them. Does the TRD exhaust really make that much difference?
I'll be welding on a Magnaflow stainless soon. I like the sound of them the best. I'll be going with about a 14" long oval one.

This is actuall the exhaust i was lookin for. BUT again, i only have a 4cyl. Tacoma. . . . will it still sound deep?
There will be no way a 4 banger will sound like a 8 cyl no matter what you do to it. The only way to make it sound like one is to get one.
Well i know it won't sound like a V8, that was just an example. . . . but will it make a 4cyl have a deep sound etc. . .
I Installed A Flowmaster Delta Flow 50 Series On My Nissan Altima And It Has The 2.4l 4cyl. The Guys At Work Thought I Had A V6 In It Because It Gave It A Deeper Tone. I Also Installed Monza Style Ss Tips On It Which Helped Eliminate The Ricer Sound. I Am Planning To Install A Flowmaster On My 01 Taco But It Has The V6. I Noticed An Increase In Mpg After The Flowmaster Install As Well As A Little More Pep.
I'm not big on flowmaster anymore. Good sound? definately, but anyone i've had have rusted out at the pipe connections. My previous car, a 98' acura integra, had a flowmaster and it sounded AWESOME. everyone thought i did an modified engine swap or did A LOT of work the engine. lol, so yea i guess i'm leaning towards the Magnaflow SS cat-back. . . anyone ever hear one on a 4cyl tacoma?
Just get a stainless steel borla turbo muffler.I had one on my old 2.7 4x4.Deep tone and it will never rust away on you.Summit racing has them.2 1/4 if I remember right.Center in and out.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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