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Best location for hidden satellite antenna in T-100

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I would like to install a tracking device in a T-100 (and a Hilux also), it should be invisible from the outside as well as from within. A GPS antenna can easily be installed under the dashboard but for a satellite antenna using Inmarsat satellite network it requires to see the sky (no metal barrier, but plastic is ok). Communication on the Inmarsat satellite network requires that the antenna has no metal barrier between it and the sky/satellite. Is the T-100's roof metal ? Is there enough room for a box with height of 2.5 cm and length / width of about 15cm? If not, is there another location that would be more suitable?

Thank you
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Yes...the T-100 roof is metal...unless you have a moon/sun roof installed. ;)

If you have a fiberglass camper top, it would be an ideal place under there.

I think yer best bet is to mount the antenna when you need to use it and stow it when yer not. Other than that...there's not much else you can do since it's a truck. :(
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