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Best Mod for Under $500.00?

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Just sold some kayak gear and looking to re-invest it into the truck. Any ideas on mods for under or around $500.00. I'm thinking some kind of exhaust mod, under coating, or maybe seat covers?? I don't know, I also really need a new leaf pack and some general maintenance. Any ideas????? Here's a pic. Pretty stock right now...........

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out of the ones u mentioned, i say seat covers! Wet Okoles FTW
billy 5100's all around would be the best in my books.
stickers and all the Chrome Ebay stuff you can find!

j/k Invest in some nice slider/steps
:lol: not the best use of $500 IMHO

much better :thumbsup:

He doesn't need the maf he's running stock tires.

What are you looking for. with 500 you can split up the purchase.

Depending on maintenance you can do it yourself.

HID for better lighting, it's cheap, shipping was fast. At most ($70 for single beam) Installed a set for a piaa 580 off road light conversion. I have 3 sets of HID's installed currently.

If your maintenance is if reg. such as oil change, and plugs, and you plan to keep the truck. Order a box of 10 oem filters, and 5 1/2 quarts of whatever oil you prefer to use. Cost for filters shipped and oil from store at most $90-100, and just sell the reminder oem filters if you sell your truck. Spark plugs 6 @ $6-7 at most $50 from dealer.

Total: $70 for hid's, $90 for oil and filters, $50 for plugs = $210

$290 remaining

AFE dry flow OEM engine air filter. $60??
Costco neopean seat covers $20
Toyota rear TSB (free)
Rear diff fluid ($40) 3 quarts.

Total: $120

$170 remaining, used for gas or going on a trip :thumbup:
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out of the ones u mentioned, i say seat covers! Wet Okoles FTW

i agree. out of all the ones you listed these will get the most use. thus getting more of your moneys worth.
He doesn't need the maf he's running stock tires.
Last time I checked... the MAF has nothing to do with your tires... and either way, you're still wrong. BFG A/T's aren't even close to stock tires.
Maf only works when your in open loop, unless you plan to be 3.5k rpm + up it doesn't do anything.
Maf only works when your in open loop, unless you plan to be 3.5k rpm + up it doesn't do anything.
You're very wrong.. maybe you should read up on it.
My first two mods were new muffler and custom piping ($200) and new head unit ($300).
Whatever you want is you truck.

These would be my top 3

-5100's & a AAL
I'm not bombing on the product, it's a good product non the less, but this has been covered multiple times. I'll retract my rpm reference because everyone drives different and i'm hardly ever in open loop.

If you even look at the old dyno chart it's obvious where the power gain kicks in at the higher rpm's. For regular driving around 2k rpms your most likely in closed loop. The tire size i'll admit is not stock size. roughly 1 inch difference, compared to 265/70/16's my stock size.

I agree, it's your money go buy what you think is best
A new head unit. Stock sounds like sh.. Then its all what you want to do with the truck.
Well...thanks for the replies everyone. I think I'm leaning towards some much needed maintanance(brakes) and the Billy 5100's. We'll see.......we really do need some seat covers as well. 95,000 miles over the past 4.5 years has caused some tears in our drivers seat. Thanks again!!
Personally, I would get a nice exhaust. I've noticed that when you start to tinker with the suspensions on the these trucks, you can't just do one thing then leave it. (Like a 3" lift NEEDING UCAs because the camber is off after adding blocks/coils.) With an exhaust, whichever one you go with, you can just tack it on, and forget about it.
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