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When I got my F-150 the first thing I did was black-out the head and tail-lights and it looked sick. Then I added a Cherry-Bomb Xtreme muffler to it, sounded killer. Then a bull-bar and a lift/level kit for 4", looked mean. Before I got to do anything else I was bitten by the Tundra bug.

I want to do some shopping around and make my Tundra unique in a few ways but I don't even know where to start. I've looked around on these forums and found a few links to a few places, but really all I found were OEM things.

I'm looking to black out the head and tail-lights on this truck as well. I need a bedliner, I've already decided on Line-X for that. Maybe a bull-bar and a lift/level kit from ToyTech. New wheels/tires. And I definitely want to add the fog lights because...well, the inserts are gay. Not sure if I want to change the exhaust on this bad boy...however the TRD system sounds good. The Cherry-Bomb I had on the Ford was cool 'n all but way too loud after a while. Just got annoying. Still cool sounding and deep, and LOUD, but yeah...just got old after a while. Couldn't just cruise around and enjoy a ride. So I'm up in the air on the exhaust, if I change it at all, but if I did I'd probably go with the TRD since it's not too loud. I know another mod I want to do/have done is the LED change in the gauges to either white or blue. Still debating if I'm confident enough to tinker with the PCB though...may have my electronics friend tackle that one. But where do I get the LEDs? Which ones?

So...where can I find some kick ass aftermarket products for an 08 Tundra?! I don't like putting anything in Google because some of those places that return on the results seem kinda shady. Thought I'd ask here to see where others have gone and gotten good products and service.

What are some of the mods that others have done? Pics if possible too.


The other side of this post has to do with the TRD accessories. Would it be dumb for me to purchase TRD accessories for my truck? It's not a V8, and is the Grade trim level. But I think the idea of the TRD sway bar and brake upgrade is pretty cool. As well as the TRD exhaust. Is there anything preventing me from installing those things? As in...are the V8 models setup specifically for those upgrades?

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As of right now, basically anything that is on is what you're looking at. There are a couple of other aftermarket companies as well, but whats on here is the majority of the stuff. You have a good source for the lift, although there are about 5 other companies making lifts for the Tundra now. ToyTec seems to be the best since they don't use a spacer (like everyone else) and use a bracket that causes the lift and doesn't preload the springs. Unfortanutely, Google might help you here, but as with anything, just make sure that they are a reputable company before buying anything.

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no no no the best place by far is

then just click on Tundra section. BUT there is a limited amount of stuff for 07's and 08's because the Tundra is new, but that is where I went for my Dodge Ram and that is where I go for my Tundra.
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