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Best place to buy clear corners for 1996?

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Can anyone help me out here? I want both sets.:)
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I have a set for sale!!!
For how much shipped?
Here's a link to some pics:

Send me a pm:)
Won't work. I have a 1996 Toyota Camry as stated in the first post.
like i said cant go wrong with ebay
But the 16 dollar shipping kills it.
try the shipping isn't bad & the product is nice quality, that's where i got mine :)

And they come with amber bulbs right?
sure do :)

SlingShot said:
Won't work. I have a 1996 Toyota Camry as stated in the first post.
What do you mean they wont work? I think the lights are the same for Gen 3 and gen 3.5's

Seems like a perfect match to me.
Nope....gen 3 wraps around the bumper a little bit.....gen 3.5 is more up front.
^I see. Thanks for correcting that for me. I thought they would fit.
the Gen.3 (1992-1994) coners are clear, and will fit perfectly if installed on a Gen. 3.5 (95/96), which have an amber piece in them.

what you want are BUMPER lights...

which WONT interchange between the half gens...

try Ebay, as stated earlier...
We're talking about clear turn signal bumper lights.
i know, but people were confused, because the title is "clear corners"...
I knew I was right! Thank you Razo :)
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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