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Heater Fan started making a fwubbling noise and was grossly out of balance. I had nuts and cheese stored in the cab so I assumed the worst. Drove home +600 miles with fan off and the heater on high hoping to dessicate the little bugger.

I searched all the critter in heater threads and saw the gory images and was prepared for the worst.

Took it to the shop as it was -22 this morning and it looked like a job for a warm shop.

Tech found a new napkin in the fan, and nothing else. 3 minute job :laugh: Not sure how it got in there, but I am happy.

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There isn't a grill to prevent anything from being sucked up into the blower from the passenger floorboard. I guess you could fab up a home made grill from wire mesh and install it on there. At least it would keep the napkins out. ;)
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