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Bike rack for 1991 MR2

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I am unable to find a bike rack for my 91 MR2. Any ideas ?
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Please in the name of god don't put a bike rack on an MR2:eek:
Don't you have an SUV or a Family car that you can stick one on?
:banhim: haha. Actually... I have seen one on an MR-S before.
:mad: :eek: :disappoin WTF is wrong with you lol...
Im over here DYING......DYING for an mr2 and your throwing bike racks on yours... sorry guys gotta go im feeling sick now...:(
What are you thinking....who uses an MR2 to travel with bikes...ummm NO that means you shouldnt even attempt to put one on. thats just crazy! go practice drifting or something!
^ Who drifts an MR2? I believe this is the second time iv'e asked this?
Hey ishcoleobo,
Y wouldn't u drift an MR2? I know if i had one I would, and maybe I will soon. I know its just an anime, but have you seen the Initial D movie? Hell, even the best motoring drift bible. If the drift king does it with an MR2, there has to be some one else out there on some winding road driftin an MR2.
Haven't you seen fast and the furious.... NAWZ throughs you in your seat so hard that you need to be peeled off with a spatula.... and you can drive EVO's in reverse on the freeway going 70+ mph.... not to mention fit a civic under a simi truck. It is a show/cartoon. :hammer:

For drifting you generally want a FR car.... all the weight in the front.... and little weight on your drive tires. This allows for your ass end to pick up nice and easy.

As for an MR2.... ALLLLLL of the weight is basically sitting on the rear tires...... sooo.... your really not drifting.... your just loosing control of your car.

***I think we need a "don't drift an MR2 sticky" ***
i dont even bother with the bike rack...i just take the wheels of and put my bike frame in the trunk on the way to the skate park (its a bmx bike) but on the downside i drive with my trunk lid open with just bungee cords hlding it down...more than a bit dangerous
wow, nice thread bumpage :disappoin
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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