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My name is Rick Mayers and I am senior VP of Sportivo Concepts LLC, I am writing this today as requested by Bill to let you guys know that he will be taking a temporary leave from the forums until he is well enough to post again.

Sportivo has been down also due to recent events but will be up and running by tuesday of next week where more infomation along with updates will be posted regarding Bill's health.

Some of you maybe wondering what happened, well thats what we like to know also. During the 4th stage of the 5th leg of the rally we was participating in due to a broken axel in the front Bill had slammed the car into a ditch, wrapping it around a tree and rupturing a fuel line which in turn caused an engine fire.

When rescuers was able to reach him he was knocked unconcious with a mild concusion, broken ribs, and a dislocated shoulder, and 1st degree burn on his feet along with short term memory loss.

This has taken place on Tuesday afternoon, and since Bill has come too and now laughs about what he can remember. He is in good spirits and can't wait to get back to his friends and family as well as on the track again.

As for recoery time the doctors and our medical team both agree that as long as Bill does not push himself and take it easy that he should be up and walking in a couple of weeks, and racing again within the next 2-3months.

The car itself has been totaled with the exception of few things so we will be looking to build another better and stronger car in the near future.

On a side note Sportivo Concepts LLC has joined forces with DragonFenix Records to showcase new as well as underground musical artist from Rap/Hip-Hop to Club, House and Techno as well as Metal. Keep a look out on our website for more info

I thank you for your time and will post more information as it becomes available.

Sr. Vip Rick Mayers
Sportivo Concepts LLC.

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I hope he gets better soon. What hospital is he located at? Are we allowed to visit him?

Maybe a we can have a small TN meet soon and all visit him?

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Man, glad your ok. Hope everything works out in rehab.
Tell him I almost have the grille ready. But I guess he can't test it now :(

I'll spend the next week searching for porn to keep you busy:) If you can't walk, you'll at least have something to do;)

Hope you feel better man. Contact me as soon as you get back on a computer:)
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