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Bilstein 5125's with 12" of Travel

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I am thinking of getting the Bilstein 5125's with 12" of Travel. Does anyone have these? I know people got the Billy 5125's but which ones did they get if they had a 3" lift? Thinking that there shouldnt a problem just wanted to check with someone like Toku, Dustin, or anyone that has some knowledge on it, or someone who has them right now. Oakley do you have them? Finally looking at getting some stuff even though I am in the process of getting a house and land but want to get some stuff still before everything goes through.
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I think 12's are to long with adapters in back.
hmmm, are you running 5125's by any chance? If they are what would you suggest, 10"? I got the Allpro Leafs and Tuff Country shocks right now, not liking either, I like the allpro leafs but now I realize Im going to need something that can withstand a little more weight like the Dakars or something. Also going to be upgrading the rear shocks
If you are planning on going with Dakars (which I am currently running) I suggest you go with an 11" shock. I had Donahoe rear resevoir shocks and hey were too short of a shock for those springs. I am now running Fox resevoir shocks that I purchased from All-Pro and the rear is nice and smooth now.

Now to smooth out the front end with 12 inches of travel...:naughty:
Toytec sent me BE-A463-H5 which is only 9.25"...

Seem to flex out pretty well (pics on TTORA), perhaps I should have requested a specific shock length.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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