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Black Molding on bottoms of Doors, help

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I have put a bodykity on my ride except for the rear bumper.The black rubber stuff on the bottom of the doors is an eye sore because my car is white.I want to know if there is a way to replace the black molding on both sides with a filler piece made of fiberglass.The body shop wont warranty the paint job because the piece is rubber? I want to know if anyone here had the same problem and what they did to paint and or replace the piece on all 4 doors? I need some help on this one and I have found the rear bumper but want to get the black moldings taken off but not have that HUGE GAP..........HELP THANKS I have the rod millen front lip and the erebuni side skirts on now.
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i think the rubber comes off but you will have to fill some holes
i have the some prob but i have no sides yet i will have to figure out something to do but there is special paint that you can buy to paint rubber i believe, if taking them off doesnt work
you have to remove them, then weld on metal pieces, in place...

a lot of work...
I'm using Tiger Hair (wayyyy stronger than Bondo) and rubberized undercoating (for texture and rock chip protection, and also to hide my shitty tiger hair work lol). I had a thread about this a while ago, most seem to lean in the direction of metal patches, but I think it's excesive....

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