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black out tail lights

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i want to black out my tail lights i drive a 2000 camry
should i tint them, paint them or do they make covers for them
help me out:)
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i painted mine with VHT. if you choose this method, make sure you are patiernt, as with painting anything else. at first it looks like its not working, but it is, as you add more and more coats after letting dry it finally starts getting darker and darker. i didnt know this, and i have a few runs on mine. someday ill buy a new rear set and re-do them the right way.

you cant see it in this picture, but when my tail lights are on/when i brake you can definately see it. mine are kinda cool though, cuz i painted them upside down so the runs go up when mounted properly on the car, lol.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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