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black rtv on water pump

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i used GE silicone II Gasket and Seal (black) on my water pump o ring. i understand blue permatex is generally what's used here. is there gonna be a problem or is the antifreeze gonna break down that silicone?

also is the GE silicone II Gasket and Seal oxygen sensor safe/low volitility?
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GE is ridiculous. they put a picture of a head gasket on the tube and called it Gasket & Seal. for most applications in a car you would think it would need to be either antifreeze resistant or O2 sensor safe. for a head gasket, probably both. this product is neither.
Thats why I use Permatex. When in doubt, their website product listing tells you everything.

It should be ok. Even if the RTV doesn't hold up, the O-ring should.
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