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Black Smoke Under My Hood

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T Have A 3vz Theis Is Black Smoke On The Fire Wall Im Guessing Its That Thiers A Hole Or Somthing In The Header What Can It Possibly Be....:hammer::hammer::hammer:
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open up the hood while the car is running and see where it's actually coming from first....

then we can tell you what the options are in dealing with it.
It Dosent Come Out Black You Can Bearly See Smoke You Just See The Residu...Its Only The left Side.
It Recently Started Doing This Since I Got It Back From The Mechanic He Chaged The Tranny
Have him check it ?
So He Can F**k Somthing Else UP...No Thanks
Today I Saw The Smoke Coming Out Under The Manifold It Seemed Like.....Also Since I Got It Back From The Mechanic Its Louder It Must Be A Leak Right.....:hammer::hammer:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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