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I have a set of 4 16x8 Aluminum American Racing wheels series 6883 (Baja) that I had Powder coated black(they look similar to the American racing mojave series). I pulled these of my 02 taco xtra cab 4x4 TRD when I traded it in hoping that they would fit on my 07 double cab 4x4. Well, they don't and now I need to sell them. These should fit on all 01-04 tacos unless the brake calipers vary during those particular model years (i am not sure). I am in NorCal (Bay Area) and would prefer not to have to deal with shipping. Willing to arrange for local pickup. $400 for the set with caps and Lugs. respond to this post and we'll figure something out. Thanks for looking....

Check em out here.
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