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2007 TRD Off Road 6-Speed

Day I got her:

List of Mods:
- TRD Cold Air Intake
- TRD Cat-Back Exhaust
- Doug Thorley Long Tube Headers
- URD MAF Calibrator
- OME Front & Rear Shocks
- OME 885 Front Coils
- All Pro 3" Rear Leaf Pack
- Timbren Suspension Enhancement System (Bump stops)
- Tom Woods 1-Piece Drive Shaft
- Pro Comp Light Bar
- 2 KC Rally Driving Lights
- 1 KC Rally Off Road Light
- Graphite Painted TRD Off Road Wheels
- GT Radial 265/75 ATs
- TRD Quick Shifter
- Extra D-Rings in Bed
- Black Head Light Mod
- Grillcraft Mesh Grille
- Uniden PRO358W CB Radio w/ Lil Wil Antenna
- iPod2Car

So about a month after I got her, I got rear/side ended by a Toyota Corolla (completely my fault thought). Her car was totaled while I had an ugly dent on my bumper for 5 months. I pocketed the insurance check and started shopping around for a used taco bumper. Here is what I found:

After I painted it with factory matched paint:

Back on the truck! Color matched too!:

After Pro Comp Light Bar + KC Rallys:

Still to come:

Pictures of truck w/ lift on

Pictures of DIY painted wheels

Some of my major threads:

my DIY bumper repair

Pro Comp light bar, grillcraft and KC Rallys Installed


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Went to Hollister Hills on Saturday with Ken (05scTaco) and his buddy Edgar. These are some pics of lil' Bush (my taco):

Just pulled into the park, taking a group shot. From left to right: Edgar, Me, Ken

Lil' Bush as seen through Edgar's side mirror:

Me chillin, waiting to hit a hill:

Flashin signs at the bottom of a hill:

Pulling a Bronco out (hehe, I felt proud):

Used a little help from an XJ:

Running 5 Fingers Hill:

Almost at the top:

Made it!:


Chillin and enjoying ourselves at the end of the day:

Pictures courtesy of Edgar and Ken. Here is the original thread!!!:

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May 10th Hollister Hills run with Ken (05SCtaco) and my roommate (pictures are ripped from Ken).

This is where we found ourselves after about half an hour of trekking up a few black diamond trails. The city you see off in the distance is Hollister!:

Some videos of me going down a very steep hill:

part 1:

part 2:

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Update! June 1 Hollister Hills SVRA Meet with MJ and Ken (05SCtaco).

Pictures courtesy of MJonags and 05SCtaco!

MJ watching me from his new uber-cool rear-view back-up camera:

Me slowly climbing a hill. The place was pretty sandy:

Navigating my way around some ruts:

Working hard to protect my diff:

Almost got stuck:

Paid a heavy price for being stupid:

Carnage! That'll buff

My turn up a steep and sandy hill:

The caravan climbing its way up to the top of Hollister Hills:

We saw food:

And now time to pose:

Ken making his way down some steps:

...and me making my way back up them:

my tires were hella slipping:

I finally uploaded pictures from Ken's camera:

Some Videos!:

MJ running truck hill:

Me running truck hill:

All of use messing around afterwards and doing donuts:

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Thanks. The Chinese means: Bei Jing Toyota. Back home (Beijing) all Toyota vehicles have GuangZhou Toyota on the back in Chinese. Since I'm from Beijing, I had Beijing Toyota vinyled on the tailgate. It's my own personal touch.

Thats cool. Definitely a way to keep your truck different from all the others out there. :thumbup:

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Nice Truck/s!! Wish, I could come wheel with you guys sometime. Hollister, looks like so much effin' fun! Good flicks.
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