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There is no need (nor is there any easy way) to ever bleed the cooling system. The brake fluid, clutch fluid, power steering, etc, are all completely sealed, so if air gets in, it can't get out, hence the need to bleed these systems periodically. Unlike those systems however, the cooling system is NOT air tight. If you look at the rad cap, you should notice a small rubber tube exiting right beside it, follow it, and it goes to the overflow tank, and exiting the overflow tank, is another small tube which doesn't go anywhere, it just points down. This serves the double purpose of allowing the cooling system to maintain a constant pressure even when extremely hot, and it allows any air in the coolant to escape naturally. Because hot air rises, and the tube exits from the top of the radiator, any air in the system will be forced out long before it can cause any harm.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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