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Blinker relay

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I'm working on a 91 Toyota 4X4 with a 22Re motor. My blinkers dont work. The emergency flashers do work, but not the blinkers. I've torn the dash apart looking for the blinker relay. I've found the flasher relay. The arrows on the dash board do not light up when I try to use the left or right blinker. The arrows do work when I use the emergency flashers.
I've checked all the fuses, they seem ok. Thanks for any help.
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That could be a tough one. Your best option if you are intent on fixing this yourself is to go purchase a Chiltons repair manual from auto zone or your local auto parts store. A haynes manual will work but the electrical drawings are not as good. if you take your time you should be able to trace the circuit out.
I have a 94, Where was the relay? Did you have to pull the dash out?
I am working with an 01 Lexus and the flasher relay works like this:

The flasher relay is 1 unit that controls turns + hazard.

When any sort of turn signal lights up, the dash indicator will light up because the dash lights are actually wired to the turn signals via a junction box.

However, since your turns are not working for turn signals, it makes sense that your dash lights are not working.

The hazard and the turns are on seperate power circuits.
So it could be the case where your turn signal fuse is out, but your hazard fuse is still good.

I would check fuses first, then swap out your flasher relay second.
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Do you have tilt steering? If you do, check the wiring coming up through the column and the connecots on the switch. The constant flexing sometimes causes shorts.
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