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blitz 1mz-fe superchager find ?

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I was browsing the net on saw this supercharger for the 1mz-fe. Thought i would share the info. It's pretty expensive though.
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Nice find for the deeper pockets amongst us.

This reminds me of the old Mad Max Stuffers. . .

1. Compressor electric controlled by the throttle position seneor.
2. Sharp engine reponse at any RPM range.
3. Impove fuel mileage by introducing the compressor electric clutch.
4. Complete bolt on kit.
5. Durable even under heavy load driving condition.

That's the websites bad spelling not mine, but it implies it has a clutch cut out on the compressor. So how then does air get to the engine? :disappoin
the clutch would be on the pulley, much like an a/c compressor clutch. the previa's s/c has something similar.

dont think its worth $6k tho :p
unless i see a good pic of the setup. then it's bullshit to me
I agree the price is ridiculous and i have no idea how it works ..just sharing what i found
pretty interesting, especially if it works on the VVTI engines. but as yall have said. there are too many question id have to anwser first.

Gino here is the installation manual it's in jap. thought but you can look at the pics to have an idea how it works.
I would love to supercharge my 1MZ, but not when the s/c itself is worth more than my car.
That clutch idea is hella cool. Looks REALLY different than the TRD charger.

There's always a way around disabling the right mouse button function. ;)
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im not a big fan of the clutch idea, that must be part of the expense there. the TRD crowd gets by fine with it's vaccume controlled bypass valve.
IMO, only way to supply the engine compressor off, is to go around it. The cut out seems lame.

Again, go watch the old Mad Max in his Aussie 351C powered Ford. The S/C was gutted by the way! lol It had a clutch on it. . .
This would work fine as long as it had a bypass valve either electic or vacume actuated and an adiquit sized and routed tube witch i dont see in the pic or it could be a free spin system but the rotor pick looks like a roots style system.

On a side note, The Mad Max system looked like a GMC 6-71 roots style blower witch is not a free spin system and would not run without a bypass system, Almost impossible at the time seeing as the carberators were sitting about a 1/2 in off the intake for the rotors and would have required a ton of mods done internaly to the compresor housing including shortening the roters and moving the rear bearing case, I called BS on that system when the movie came out but never really looked into it.
that will not work on the older 1mzfe engines we would have to change our lower intake manifold for it to bolt on
Man, haven't seen that thing in years. Like stated before me, it's for the VVTi 1MZs, costs an arm and a leg, is likely discontinued by now, and 1 kit is known to exist Stateside (although I don't know if dude ever got it to work on his Avalon).
I would love to supercharge my 1MZ, but not when the s/c itself is worth more than my car.
Agreed! Do you guys think its possible to find one for 3k or under?
Agreed! Do you guys think its possible to find one for 3k or under?
you dont search much do you? there hasnt been a TRD SC sold for over 3K in quite a while. find one of thoes and it will actually work correctly on your motor for under 3K...hell likely under 2K at this point.

Agreed! Do you guys think its possible to find one for 3k or under?
A guy on solaraguy is selling his for 2700 and I think eegineer is selling his for under 3k without the parts to make it work on the 3vz-fe.
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