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Blitz turbo kit?

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Last nite I ordered a turbo kit for a customer from Blitz, and i found out we get it at HALF PRICE!...but i couldn't find a kit for tha 7m, and they were closed so we couldn't there a turbokit for tha 7m?
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A blitz turbo kit for the 7m? Not last I checked. In fact, since the mk4 came along most of those makers have dropped all their support for the 7M except for universal application stuff.
There was a Blitz, I believe they are Borg-Warner now, turbo kit for the 7M. It would be nice to have a KKK series turbo. HKS, Garrett and others used to make them as well. Unfortunately these were Japanese market kits. There was no US market at the time. You can call them to see if they just happen to have something collecting dust in the where house.

I would check with importers that bring in old JDM stuff. The Aussies are also a great source for this stuff. Aus market is the same as JDM. They love their cars down there. You can find all kinds of stuff. A big bonus is that importing from Australia is easy. There aren't as many import duties as with Japan. You can also find a used kit on ebay. They pop up there from time to time. I have even seen IHI turbos pop up occasionally. The stuff is out there, I just don't think you are going to find anything that is still new.
yea, I live on ebay...i OWN ebay lol, is my homepage, so nothing goes on ebay that i miss hehehe...but I have been piecing a turbo kit 2gether, with all of tha right parts, simply 2 cut prices, but not corners...but i just found out that if i buy a kit thru my work... I can get a pretty nice discount :)
I didn't mean to say there weren't kits, just that there aren't new ones anymore.

I've got a rare HKS t04 Kit that I plucked outta Japan from ebay. :-D
You can do some cost comparison. Check to see how much the turbos alone are. Then make your own manifold in house. That is the beauty of having access to a shop. You can save cash by making things instead of buying them. If the turbos are half price through your shop it might be worth it.
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