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Blower motor romoval DIY

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My blower motor was making some noise so i took it out so see if i could clean it up a bit:

Tools needed:
Philips head screwdriver
8mm socket and ratchet with extension

Step 1:
locate the blower motor in the passenger footwell​
Remove 3 8mm bolts​

to access farthest forward bolt, it is helpful to pull the carpeting up (held on by velcro)​

Step 2:
unplug electric connection (simply press in tab and wiggle out)​
Then remove clip securing electric connector​

Step 3:
Remove blower motor​

clean and reinstall in reverse​

I know this is very simple, but there wasn't one on here, so i thought id make one for anyone thinking of cleaning theirs, or i need of a replacement.
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Nice DIY...

...stickied :thumbsup:
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Replaced my Blower

I just replaced my blower motor in my 2003 base. What an easy job compared to some of my previous cars. We were getting cricket sounds. The old blower was noticeably harder to turn than the new one. $50 at Rock Auto.

The shop manual wants you do all these extra steps that aren't needed like removing the glove box, foot well air duct, and loosening the ECU
this is great, but we also need one about the aftermarket vs. OEM. apparently there were some made with motors out of Mexico that failed and are junk. i dont want to do this twice, not do i want to pay x5 as much for one because its on a toyota website. i think denso makes most of them right?
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