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Blown Fuse ???

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Guys I need help. I have a 2000 camry. I was attempting to install a optime battery and every time I hooked up the leads the horn started blowing. It turned out on the optima battery the positive and negative leads are the opposite so I blew something. The car would not start and one of the fuses under the hood was blown and I replaced that and the car now runs. However the trans will not go out of park. no radio, no climate control, no guage power, no obdII scanner power. Help!!!
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Those fuses are under or behind the coin drawer left of the steering wheel. Check to see if those fuses are still good.
I dod and nothing. I do have an alarm and the horn was blowing while the battery leads were switched. could the alarm think I was trying to steal the car and shut it down. Also I did not mention the power locks and windows are not working. No turn signal, nothing. Help
have you chacked every fuse in the car? under the hood and under the coin box? did you check them with a meter?
For the trans Shift Lock circuit, you need the 15A Cig Fuse, the 15A ECU-IG Fuse, and the 15A Stop Fuse. They are located behind the coin tray ...left of steering wheel.
For the power window, you need the 25A Door Fuse, the 10A Gauge Fuse, and the 30A Power Fuse....Look in the same Box as the others. ... This should also cover the door locks.
...Any improvement?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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