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Blown Head Gasket

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Hey Gang,

My neighbor just gave me a 1995 Previa LE SC. Check the radiator fluid and it was clear and clean. Started the van and massive white smoke from the tail pipe. I check the dipstick and its chocolate milk shake. Looks like radiator fluid got into the oil system.

I was told by the former owner it was overheated. The questions would be is it worth the repair or should I just get a used Japanese engine? Anyone else have experience with this? How hard is it to change the headgasket yourself?
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If the oil is a chocolate milk shake, there is an internal leak. Don’t drive the car in this condition as the oil is degraded and may result in additional engine damage (bearings, etc.).

Changing a head gasket is time consuming but a DYI job, pickup some kind of service manual. If you were going to do the work yourself, looking into the cause of the leak (maybe head gasket or cracked head) would the way to start. You could pull the head, and see what’s up. Best case, a head gasket or rebuilt head. Worst case is replacing the engine. Find out what the cause is first, then see what the parts/repair costs are. Compare this to cost of a GOOD used engine.

If you are going to have a shop do the work, the labor costs start to add up fast with pulling the head, diagnostics, etc. Or pulling and replacing the engine.
Thanks Toyo. I picked up a used imported engine for 800 usd and labor 300. So 1,100 will get the van running again. I run this site and I can do the DIY but i was afraid that I have to take out the engine in order to change the HG.
The price sounds good, and this way you don't need to miss around with taking then engine apart. Top end gaskets and head work could have easily cost $3-400 not including labor.

Do u know if there are any smaller supercharger pulley available? I want to run high boost.
Don't know. Suggest you see if other Taco models use this engine setup, then start asking around on the forum. Or do a web search.
Thanks man... its too bad there isn't any site dedicated for Toyota Vans.
No other Toyota uses the TZ family of engines minus the old previas.
It's an ungodly wierd engine. Engineering marvel. Probably Toyotas best from the first 1/2 of the 90's if you want my opinion. But really wierd...
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