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Blown Head Gasket

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My engine is drinking all of my coolant and blowing it out the tail pipe. The smoke is white and I have no heat at all. I keep the radiator full but it still wants to overheat. I drove it to my local shop about 1 mile away from my home. I had to turn off the car due to overheating 3 times. I also created a smoke screen that can be seen for miles! The shop said that it's my headgaskets. They want 1,500 dollars. My engine currently has 223,000 miles. I think it would be better to just swap out my engine for a used engine.

Anyone know of a reputable company that imports used engines from Japan?
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Sounds like your head gasket.

If you are not going to do the engine replacement yourself suggest having the shop find a used engine and providing a warranty on the engine and installation. Then if something goes wrong it is totally the shops issue.
^^ I second that motion. The only JDM Camry engines you'll see for sale are 3VZ-FE or the **very occasional** 5S-FE (both from 3rd gen camrys). There are so many of these cars in scrap yards, you're bound to find a low-mileage one.
I have a spare 3S-FE squirreled away at the scrap yard where I work, it only has 128,000km on it--and last year when I wanted a replacement 2VZ-FE for my V6 Camry, I bought one for $500 that only has 148,000km on it. You do not need JDM to find low-mileage and full-compression blocks.
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