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Blown head gasket

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My 93 Camry 130K mi has blown a head gasket because the water pump failed. It's gonna cost $1500 to replace the head gasket and $450 to replace the water pump and timing belt (it's about time and it's cheaper if the engine is already out) An engine swap is gonna cost atleast $900 plus labor which brings back up to $1500. I can't do the work myself so should I scrap the car and put the 2k on another late model Camry.
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$1500 for head gasket seems pretty steep, even if they have to plane the head.
It depends on the condition of the rest of the vehicle really. According to KBB the vehicle is worth $2500-$5000 depending on condition and accessories. If you have been putting money into it lately or it has been acting up before this it might be time to let her go. This doesn't even take into account what other damage may have been done to the engine when it overheated. Impossible to say until the head comes off.
Unfortunately, when swapping engines you never know what your getting until it's too late. You might be fine or you might end up with another nightmare. Not everyone will warrant used parts.
Hope this helps, lol.

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I've had really good luck with the low milage imported engines from Japan. Most places will sell them for around $500-$700 and include an unlimited milage for year warranty on them.

The last engine I bought (3SFE) cost $500 + $120 for new timing belt, Idlers, Seals, oil filter & thermostat + $300 for a decent mechanic to install it for me @$25/hr. I would have done it myself except it was one of those time issues. For $50 more the company I purchased the engine from would add a $500 re-install warranty to cover the cost of R&R if the engine fails durring the warranty period.

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ladydanyell said:

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