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Bluetooth Bluefusion

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Has anyone installed or used the Bluetooth Bluefusion by Scosche? This is a hands free device that uses steering wheel controls to operate calls. I have an 07 Limitted with Nav.
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I know this is a little late but this question still pops up in google.

I just installed it today. Avalon 2006 Touring (JBL 6-CD Changer, no nav) I tested it with an iphone4

Installing it took me about 3 hours, I'm meticulous, routed the mic to the upper left corner of the windshield.

-Pairing it with the iphone4 was a breeze. Once paired you need to be on "SAT" mode in your radio. Shows bluefusion on the radio screen, using the tuner knob will take you through the bluefusion menu (incoming, outgoing, missed, voice command, settings)
-Voice quality on the recipient's end is perfect according to three of the people I called.
-Bluetooth music stream sound quality is flawless
-You can use your factory radio controls with it, including steering wheel. "Seek down"=previous song/hang up/menu back "Seek up"=next song/dial/enter

-Voice commands are taken fairly well like "play song" or "call" but "dial" is quirky, when you say your 10-digit phone number it will most likely get a few digits wrong, if I try it with the phone itself it works fine, so it's got to be the bluetooth module.
-No phonebook download, your missed, incoming, outgoing calls will only show the numbers without names.
-Once you're playing music the voice command feature will not engage
-It is unclear to me what exactly the memory buttons in the radio do. I figured out "6" is "pause/play", "2" will sometimes engage the "voice command" after pressing it 3 times with a 3 second delay between presses while I'm playing music. If I'm not playing music it willl 100% of the times engage "voice command" upon a single press.

Remember that even though this bluefusion is not perfect it may be the one that integrates and works the "best" with our cars. Now All I need is tiny green and red phone stickers to glue on the radio buttons for call and hang-up.

Any other questions.... feel free.
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I installed mine back in August and have about the same result as you posted. I found it on E-bay for $99 and it's well worth that.
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