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bluetooth in avalons?

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does anybody know if bluetooth is standard in avalons? or do you have to pay extra? (because it's totally worth it) somewhere I heard that it was standard or was gonna to be standard, but I don't know when that's gonna happen...anybody know?
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What is bluetooth, i've never heard of the term.
why would you need bluetooth in your car, other than probably to probably link your cellphone to your speakers? i am dumb(founded). ;)
bluetooth is a wireless technology that lets you connect things like PDA, cell phones, computers, etc. without wires. since I'm in my car so much during the day for my job, I don't want to worry about running off the road trying to find my cell phone or having wires from a headset to my phone, so bluetooth lets me answer my cell phone through the steering wheel. it's so cool and it's so does anyone know if it's available in the avalon?
I believe the answer is no. Don't remember that on the option package when I looked at ordering an '04 XLS.
Only available on the prius and the landcruiser...for now.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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