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Bluetooth Microphone Location?

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I recently had a remote start (viper) installed on mt 2012 SE. I noticed that after the install that my bluetooth is not working correctly. I can hear people talking but they can't hear me. I would like to know where the microphone is located so I can look at it for myself. Then, I am going back to the installer and crawl someones ass. Thanks in advance.
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Thanks GA.

It turns out this was my fault. I dropped the console to hardwire my radar detector today. I noticed this after I hooked it back up. I took some pictures so I could post a better DIY than what is listed on this site.

The alarm installers still suck. They left screws out of my dash, the alarm won't even start my car, and panels were left unsnapped in place. They are getting ONE chance to fix it before I tell them to yank the Viper out and refund my money.
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