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BMI American Touge 2 short video

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Justin's Echo is in it but they didnt record his car driven by other professional... :thumbdown (29mb)

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yea.. that's ghey.. they just showed it passing by.. like well.. it was just passin by.. It wasn't done justice
Well, nevertheless, Justin and car the looked :smokin: Geezez thats a beautiful Echo..
The Roach is hot...
Impreza with roll cage but no turbo. :ughcool:
Nice vid!!! Makes me wonder what would have happened if I went forward with my ricecooker. Too bad I traded her in.

Oh well!!! Someday.:sosad: :)
UfoZ said:
Hey Johnny, where did you take that picture in your sig?? Thats pretty cool.
it was at a parking garage in Chinatown, a place called Bamboo Plaza. i can take you there if you want.

heres how it looks like...
still nice.. i didnt read the thjread, just watched and i was like HOLY SHIT its his car... but then again you guys knew that.
thats awesome! any other clips with the roach?
lol... Yeah that was me, my little brother and allen stuck in the back... Kiss those wheels good bye, I sold them ... And I have some new WORK wheels coming 15x9 ... They should be here by March ...
dang Justin, you sold those rims already? that is very fast.
WhiteRabbit said:
awesome vid. so what if he crashes your car?
you mean the professional drivers that are testing out the various cars??

the Best Motoring website said they take no responsibility if they crash...

brungold said:
thats awesome! any other clips with the roach?
i dont have any clips, but then again are you asking for clips of his car on the track???
cuz justin wasnt choosen to go on the track, which sux...i wanted to see that car in action, and i know alot of people do also... :)
That video was kinda depressing to watch. They hyped up that Subaru like crazy.... and then.......¿¿No Taauurrrbooo?? ¿Daily Driver Rally?. I thought the video was in slow motion for a second................. then I realized that car was just horribly slow. :( Better luck next year.
good vid. just wish that thay showed justens run not just the driveby. allen you looked real cumfy back there.:thumbsup:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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