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Hi guys

I have a 2007 BMW Z4 M roadster in for 1 step minor paint correction detail. This BMW has the hardest clear coat I encounter. Paint had lots of heavy marring, swirls, and few RIDs. The 1 step removed about 50 + % defects and enhance the finish.

Wheels and Tire

Various brushes
Decon Iron X
Seal rim with Werkstat prime strong
Dress tires with 303 aero-protectant


ONR wash
Clay Ricarrdo fine
Iron X
Stoners tarminator
IPA 2:1
Megs DA MF 300
Menz powerfinish
GG DA polisher
5 in Meg BP and 3 in Uber bp
CG blacklight
Opti-seal 2 coats
DG Auqawax


Cleanse with werkstat strong
Uber Glass towels
Meg glass cleaner


1z cockpit prem
MS plastic + leather cleaner
OPT leather protectant

anyways here are some pictures

here is a video of what was done prior.

Thanks for looking!
Any questions or comments are welcome!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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