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Body kit...or add on lip for front and rear bumper 1998 LE

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hi ,
im new here , im looking to install a body kit for my cam, i know theres alot
in there like those EVO models, but i dont want those very low body kit( i live
in NJ) we have snow or ice in here during winter. an add on lip ( front and rear bumper) would be nice. so guys if anybody got the link or know where to get this i would really appreciate it.
thanks a million....:);):D
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I live in NY so I know where your coming from. I have the EVO Bumper which looks sweet but its very low and heavy. Did I mention its fiberglass so it will crack. I take everything off during the winter. I would go for the lip, its a lot stronger and can be used all year long.

Google Andy auto sports or can try to find a rare TRD Lip on here.
i would go with a TRD lip kit. looks good yet subtle. if you don't like the front lip, try the Ripp mod front lip
TRD lip kit FTW. best look for the gen4. keep an eye on the forsale section on too.
TRD lip kit if you can find it, the profile it creates is too sexy
in case you were wondering what it looks like...
Yup, and it's polyurethane which is a plus. Hopefully I'll be rocking the Enkei Evo8's :cool:.
in case you were wondering what it looks like...
hey man, you got a nice ride here. this is exactly what im looking for. where did
you get this kit. any links?
thanks alot. really appreciate....

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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