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body kit question

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Ok so in my all my searching ive found fiberglass body kits to be way more prevelant than the urethane ones. But i never hear anything good about the fiberglass kits. Should i even consider buying a fiberglass kit or wait till i find a urethane one???
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fiberglass is cheaper....most replica kits will be made of FG....its better to get a polyurethane piece if u can because it will be stronger and not crack as easy (if u go over a bump or hit something)......i'd wait if i was u....what kind of car is this for??...
i have a 95 camry, and i was looking at the black widow kit but im pretty sure its casted in fiberglass everywhere ive seen so im not sure what im doin at the moment. I think id be ok with FG side skirts but i really dont wanna risk anything with the bumpers
i dont know if they even make any kits in polyurethane for a camry, you may be stuck with the FG, just be careful goin over bumps and you should be fine

and make sure its a good company your getitn it from, you dont want your kit to be as thin as an egg shell and crack like .... an egg....
for now there fiberglass, if ur carefull and dont drive like an ass ull be fine

but if u drive like that then you will see what happens

fiberglass is fine, all depends on how u drive
Most kits available here are made from fibreglass, not polyurethane... Just make sure that when you get it painted that they add enough flex agent in the paint... otherwise you'll get the spider veins (cracking). My skirts are looking pretty bad now :(
posy has its problems 2....a friend of mine has a full poly kit on his integra and he bottomed out the nose but instead of breaking it cracked and then bent into his hood and if it was glass it woul dhave just shattered and there wouldnt have been any more damage.

thanks a bunch for all the replies guys:D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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