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Body lift pics...anybody have them?

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I searched but did not find what I was looking for. The one truck I did find with a 3" Toytec & 3" BL had nerf bars on them. I'm looking to see one with out running boards or nerfs so I can see how much frame hangs down. I know they are not near as bad as other trucks but I just want a visualiztion.
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this supposedly has a 3" body lift. A bit dark underneath though.

cant seem to find anymore pictures except the other white one with the nerf bars.
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Yeah...saw that one too but just couldn't make out the frame....
i was gonna post a picture of a chick that got a body lift, but after looking at the picture and vomiting in my mouth a little bit, i decided to spare all of you my smart ass picture...
I lightened the pic up in PS so you can see alittle more detail underneath.
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Dude- why? If you want a 6" lift go for a Fabtec or Procomp...
MADTACO05 said:
Theres a pic of mine with 3"hoes and PA bodylift at 3"also. The westins were custom mounted higher to hide the frame rail which looks good, and the gapguards cover the gap nice, the front looks lower because the way the driveway is if anyone wanted to know why it looks like that
Looks good to me. Here is someone who did it right not half-ass. He installed the lift guards and raised both bumpers up to align with the body. Looks like you removed the trailer hitch?

I installed 3" bodylifts on 2 of my other Toyota trucks and didn't have any problem with them.
pointerDixie214 said:
Dude- why? If you want a 6" lift go for a Fabtec or Procomp...
I wouldn't mind doing that but i don't have the couple grand to do it right. On top of that, I'm leasing my truck and I do not want to do any cutting which I think the Procomp one gets. If I knew for sure I was keeping it at the end of the lease, I would go that route.

That DC looks nice. Especially since the nerf bars cover the frame. There's a little more frame hanging down then the older Toys with a 3"....
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