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Body Swap

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I own an 88 Toyota 4x4 and a 82 Toyota
4x4 and I want to swap bodies will they mount up in the same spots. This seems easier than doing a solid axle conversion on the 88.
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do they have the same engine i.e. the 22r? if so then yes would be quint easy at that. oh also if you go from 22re to 22r there is more work there as well can be done but you have to change out the fuel lines and the ecu more wiring but not as much from going 22r to the v6
Sounds like a lot of work. I honestly doubt the body mounts are the same, not to mention all the wiring trouble you will undoubtedly have. Not to mention you will be scrapping the 82 body, which seems silly to me unless it's totally trashed. btw, the solid axle swap isn't all that hard, you just need to be able to weld, and you're going to need to do that for the body swap anyway.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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