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Bogus email from

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I just got this email:

Thank you for responding to the "My Custom Toyota" website. Your vehicle has been selected to be showcased on the website. In order to use your submission, we require your permission in the form of an original signed release document. Please respond to this e-mail with your complete mailing information and we will mail the necessary documentation to you immediately.

Thank you.

Customization, Development and Marketing Department
Toyota Canada Inc.
It seems legit, however when I look at the email address it's "[email protected]", which is a domain that I've never seen before coming from Toyota. Go to it only shows their company logo.

I smell :spamo:

Anybody else who submitted their pics few months ago receive this?
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I take it you didn't click on the logo... it takes you to their forum It seems to be inactive since around dec of last year.

The different forums seem to not match with the company. hinky

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