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bolt on dyno...

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heres a dyno of my car with bad ignition components... the car is basically just bolt ons nothing to extreme... the cap and rotor havent been replaced as well as the wires... i just bought new ignition components a few days ago and my new spec stage 1 clutch will be done tomorrow... once i break it in im going to head back to the dyno to see how much of a difference it will make... the car basically ran the same whp on 12-13psi as it did in 15psi... the torque went up a little at 15psi of course but nothing major... yes i do have a straight pipe and run no cat... ill put a mods list down below...

- Apexi Intake
- Apexi Blow off Valve
- Custom 2.5" downpipe
- Apexi N1 Cat-Back Exhaust
- NGK BKR7E Copper Spark Plugs

- HKS Fuel Cut Defenser
- Defi D-Series Boost Gauge
- HKS Turbo Timer
- Greddy Profec B II Boost Controller at 15psi

- TRD Short Shifter
- Speed Source brass shift bushings
- Redline MT90 Transmission Fluid

- Razo Carbon Fiber Racing Pedals
- Razo Rear View Mirror
- Alpine Tweeters
- Alpine Crossovers
- Alpine Door Speakers

- 93 Oem Springs
- 93 Front Oem Endlinks
- Suspension Technique Sway Bars

- TRD Clear Corners

copy-n-pasting a mods list makes it easier for me =)
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AF/R needs a little tuning!

makes me wonder what my aw11's dynochart would look like (and my af/r would probably be even worse than that) seeing how on the freeway i was easily hanging with an mk2 turbo....
if your a/f was like this then your car would be running worse than it should be and wouldnt be the reason why you keep up with a mk2 turbo...
i just dynoed a couple days ago and i had 215 whp with shitty afr my mods are apexi intake downpipe and hks exhaust... i tried to correct some with safc still got a lil more to go and i have a boost controller... that was at about 14 or 15 psi
i have an safc but i wouldnt tune without an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator... you will advance your timing by to much and eventually pop your motor... never use the safc to take out negative percentages of fuel...
how does it advance ur timing ?
When you use an AFC to pull fuel out, your ecu (because it thinks there is reduced load, thinks it can safely advance the ignition timing and while youre boosting and at higher RPMS that can become very dangerous. It can and will cause your engine to blow up unless you tune it correctly). If you use the FPR to lower the fuel pressure so you get less fuel, and use the AFC to add fuel across the range you need it for, now your ECU wont be advancing the timing enough, and the inherent timing retard that is associated to it will cause you to lose performance anyway.

- Luni
When you lean out the fuel mixture, our ECU's advance timing. The timing is already quite aggressive on MR2's and you can run into detonation and blowing your motor if it is not tuned correctly.

- 93smgturbo
Solely using the safc to lean out the fuel will advance your timing and could blow your engine if you are going beyond stock boost. I've learned from experience
and I'm waiting to get an adjustable fpr before I start messing with the safc settings again.

- mistatwo47
if you search around more you'll understand this better... there are a lot more examples than this out there... ive only posted a few...

also id recommend you reading RickyB's primer on this...
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