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Bolt Pattern

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Is the bolt pattern for the the Gen 3 a 5x114.3?

Or what is it?

also what about stock offset? +40mm

I'm looking into buying some wheels for my Camry and my MR2. I have to have a stagered set for the MR2 and if I did a stagered set on the Camry I could have a semi cool VIP style going on. But I don't want the wheels on the Camry rubbing the struts or brakes or anything... So how wide can i go safely?
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please specify year. the 5x114.3 pattern started after 92. stock offset was +38 but 5th generation camry has +50.

btw, please search next time as this has been discussed many a time. there is a thread in general discussion that just talks about sizes and offsets, too.
you can go 8.5 or 9 wide if you get the proper offset. It has been done here before.
96 Camry
91 MR2

I searched... couldn't find what I was looking for. When looking in the "Let's talk offsets" it becomes over whelming going through 14 pages looking for what you need.

And thanks anyways for the fast response and good info.
i'm running 8 inches wide with +40 offsets on the 95 coupe and there is clearance.... very very small but it's there :lol:
So with a lesser offset I could go wider.... is this correct?
If you do Staggered on a Camry, you better make the FRONT wheels the bigger ones. Even at that, it's not a good idea.
Yeah that's what i was reading this morning... I'll just have to buy two set of rims... Hopefully I cvan find a staggered set for my MR2 and a regular set for the Camry.
8.5 on both of the camrys.....

Gunmetal one has a +40 front and a +25 on the rear.....

Black one has a +45 front and a +30 rear..... and this is accomplished with 15mm spacers and some camber for an aggressive look.....
i think gen 3s have more flexibility than 4's, i had rubbing when i tried 17X8 on +45mm offset. i ran 17x7 at 45mm offset, was ok till you had 4 ppl in the car.

im currently on 16x7, on skinny 205/60, +38 offset, i still get rub once in a while. damn rear fenders!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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