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Bolt Pattern

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You know honestly this is the most aggrivating thing that has ever happend to me. I have a 91 Celica GT and the rims i got are like perfect for my car and they are supposedly 5 bolt universal but my bolt pattern is too small :headbang: ... Is there any way i can change my bolt pattern or am i looking for new rims?
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If the rim got 2 sets of holes, one of them should fit. No adaptor to change bolt pattern without pushing the wheels out.
How far will it push the wheel out??
Bolt pattern is 5x100 at 38mm offset. I use cavalier wheels in the winter, work great. As for those rims, they should fit. 5 hole universal are usually 5x100 and 5x120 ?5x116 ? somethin like that.

5 bolt universals are usually 5x100/5x114.3. If they only have one pattern, then they are not universal. Im guessing that the rims you have are 114.3 which are for bmws, volkswagens, accords, camrys, etc. You need new rims. Make sure the bolt pattern is 5x100.
They came off an eclipse so i dont know what the heck but what ever i'm just gonna sell them... i think my bolt pattern is 5-100 is anyone really sure? thanx for the help so far
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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