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Boost???? Could it be??

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I have a 4af engine when i move the car from stand still at get to about 4000 - 5000rpm my boost gauge is reading 1 psi But the real puzzling thing is. The engine is N/A. and believe me its feel like the car is boosting. i'm just using a ram/cold air intake system custom make by myself and a RS exhaust. Pretty cool uh?? So tell me what You all think. :D
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why do you have a boost gauge in an n/a car? it is probably a bad gauge that doesnt read right. you cant have boost if you dont have anything pressurising the intake charge.
Haha, exactly... a boost gauge in a N/A car. Thats hilarious!
its a vacuum boost guage you know the ones that read vac/boost.
and i'm serious :cool:
Eactly dude, all boost gauges read vacum and boost. Your intake manifold is not presurized. The enigne sucks the air in. There is no way your "ram air" is presurizing your intake manifold even to one psi unless you can get that thing up to like 150 mph;)
sorry, this keeps getting better and better
sorry for the double post, why would you install a boost gauge in the first place?
Most likey you got a Short Ram, which is not a RAM air intake.
With throttle at WOT, there will be no vaccum. Some gauge will read a bit +ve pressure. Its normal cause atmoshereic pressure changes. Also the gauge may zero at 1 psi when there is no pressure.
I am going to turbo charge my engine thats why i have in a boost guage and besides i didn't pay for it. No i don't have a short ram intake system my system is from the carb to the front of the car by the bumper. thats why i call it a ram\cold air intake.
i think somebody has been working on the car in the garage w/o any ventilation.....:lol:
Haha, exactly... a boost gauge in a N/A car. Thats hilarious!
I have a boost gauge in my car, reason, I needed the vacume gauge and couldnt find any decent ones that except autometer expensive ones. So I got this boostgauge alot cheaper :D
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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