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As you can see I've been concentrating on the engine mostly, as everything else looks like crap. Check out that busted ass exhaust manifold too, wowza!

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nice hose dress up kit, looks clean :)

one thing though, you might want to paint the heat shield to the headers silver the rust is kinda funky lookin w/the rest of the engine looking so nice. they have high heat ceramic spray paint at like autozone/pepboys that would work great.

Is there a reason for not having that fiberglass matting shit on the bottom of your hood?
Nice and clean. :thumbsup:

Is there a reason for not having that fiberglass matting shit on the bottom of your hood?
Not all gen 2's have the insulation on the hood.

I don't know if its only on certain models or not, but my LE has it.

Figured that was a standard "option." My 88 LE has it too.


Oh yeah, fancy engine bay. I like the loom, looks like it's glowy compared to teh rest of your bay.
looks good dude, can we see some pics of the rest of the car?
Great looks.
Nice plug wires, whose?
Hydraulic bottle is calling attention like that. Flush with fresh or replace.
Good job. :thumbup:
damn...4 years older and 4 years cleaner bay. what are those magnecors?
^ Their Toyota plug wires & dist. cap.

The wires on a gen 2 (3S-FE) are permanently attached to the dist. cap.
Oh man, that's clean Dude.....:thumbup:

....even the cold start injector is gleaming.....


I think only the LE models got the matte. None of my Camrys have it, not even the V6.

Actually the fiberglass matte really does protect your hood from the heat of the engine bay. When you don't have it on and it rains, you can see the steam on your hood's surface.

Ok, now I have to go...
I need more Simple Green and like, 12 more scrub brushes...
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Yea, about the manifold I just left it sitting there because it will get replaced by a new header when I have money for it. No reason to paint a pos when I can have a nice gleamingly new japspeed, or bosal...or rippmods :).

I really hate that manifold...its so nasty...

Anyway I think I might go with the Ripp kit, because it comes with a new header (duh) & a high flow cat! I'll get the whole shebang, won't that look nice...yes, yes it will.

About the hood, the stains are omg impossible to get off. I would have to sand them off and then repaint :(. I might detach it one day and do that I guess. Nice comparison though, the hood is what the bay looked like except 10 times worse!

Or even...carbon fibre hood!
I didn't know Ripp Mods offered a supercharger kit for the 3SFE.

I guess you could use the 5SFE kit on the 3SFE, that would be sweet...:thumbup:

I wish there were enough Gen2 guys interested in getting a C/F hood. I know a group buy for C/F Gen2 hoods happened some time last year, but then after that it wasn't offered anymore.
No not a supercharger kit, they offer a new header and everything else back though..uh kit...

Wouldn't that be freakin' awesome though!
*Drools supercharge 3sfe*
Ripp Mods 5SFE Supercharger Kit:

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God damn epborden, that's sweet... My gen2 wasn't remotely that nice, so I give it:thumbup: :thumbup:

It looks brand new in there. Now I gotta clean up mine!

I wonder if it would work, I guess some things might, but others might just not fit. The kit might tear the 3sfe up though.

Still that would be awesome..
i don't see why it wouldn't fit:confused:
The only thing that sucks about the engine I have now is that some parts are rusted, and some aren't. Some paint is chipped, and some isn't chipped. I have to take my time taking the parts off one by one, derusting them/polishing/obsessive toothbrush, and then painting them and so on.

I love it though, so no problems here. I could sit outside all day.
Well, I myself have never personally seen it done to a 3sfe yet so I really have no idea if it would work for sure. None the less though it does seem like it would. Only one way to know for sure...lottery here I come!
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