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boroef on finch today

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lol, shaun, i didn't know it was you, until you headed out onto the 404 / DVP. that area is so crowded b/c of the construction & surprise lane-endings, but i couldn't miss your bright-a5s red rims. lookin good :thumbup:

& no, i wasn't trying to race, fyi, i just wanted to get in front of the bus. too bad that lane ends :lol:
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Get your key. Call you later for pick up.
When CC gonna be up again?
awesome, man! thanks! :D

we are here for the time being until the new board is up:

and here:

and here:
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^ dude, he hardly comes on to TN now.... he's at CSI .....damn whore dun like Toyota :(
New board?? Like I can start posting again??

edit: This is post 1111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
^ LOL dude, just becuz you see boroEF's name, doesn't mean you can start post whoring:lol:

well back to topic..... his rim is gay!!!! LOL
hahaha.. thank god we got rid of him!! we should make this a boroef bashing thread.

BoroEF after buying another honda. -----> :fruit: :gaydumbo:
hey Ches...thanks for posting those links. that helps :)
lmao.. wait until he see's this thread!! :lol: :thumbup:
no, i dont whore on csi, u LOSERS! look, i'm alive and i finally found this thread!!!

chester, i remember seeing ur car too! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha

Shaun is ghey!! :ugh3: :clap: :loove: :heart: :fruit: :gaydumbo:
after a year, shaun finally discovers this thread. :rolleyes: i agree absolutely with ren69. if u read his blog, u can almost be sure he is ghey :clap:
HOLY SHIT... this was a year ago man :eek:
Whoa!!!!....LOL....this is way too funny....
reviveing mood. where the hell is the old school BORO crew?
the time lapses in this thread are insane lol
haha.. The boro crew disbanded due to Ichi always being the center of attention in the group and people always asking for his autograph, sean was too jealous and left the group, selling his car to Derek who has boro-ized it even more plus JDM-izing it with a Levin front. while minesh is still trying to duct tape his 20V conversion but it still won't run. I told him to use muffler tape instead but he won't listen to words of wisdom. instead he keeps using electrical tape. :disappoin

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