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Bought a new car! Selling the Camry... :(

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So I bought a new car last Friday! A 2004 Honda Accord EX-L! It's graphite pearl in colour, 4 cyl but I got the 5 speed manual tranny...I'll be picking it up Wednesday!

You guys are probably wondering why I jumped over to the dark side. Well, my parents already have the Gen5 which I picked out for them so I already have a Camry in the family. I'm not too fond of the looks of the new Solara, and I need/prefer a big 4-door sedan. Lexus = $$$$$. The Accord interior was just so beautiful, I couldn't pass it up...moreso, I can finally experience iVTEC.... :) Plus it has like 8 airbags, ABS, and more importantly, a manual tranny!

I'll be selling my Camry very shortly, I'll be posting here in TN and in once I have some time to create a posting for it. I'm actually quite sad to see the Camry go, I've done so much to it over the last 4 years and it's in perfect condition. :( I'll still be here pretty much everyday until I get kicked off for spreading Honda propaganda...JK. To say the least, it's been fun!

That's all for now....
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:banhim: immediatly!!

j/k Congrats on the new car. At least you didn't get a domestic. You've been driving used cars for so long you deserve a new car :)
you'll never go back
:disappoin let us know how it goes,:D so your perints have a gen 5 put then on:lol:
sorry to say but if i were to own an accord, i would rather get the previous gen, the new gen is like butt ugly in the front and back (way too big) but thats my opinion..... good luck with your new car i guess?? :dunno:

p.s. no offense intended :D
^ That's exactly what I thought when I was planning on getting a new wasn't even a contender. But once I actually considered it, it just grew on me, and I don't think it's too bad looking at all. I got a spoiler and a front lip for it, so that should help on the looks department. As well, I'm slapping on my old rims on it, getting some light tints, that should make it stand out a bit.

Regardless, the interior is mint...I'm gonna take pics and post them down your throat...haha....jk
Pics pics pics pics pics pics.

Congrats on the new car! :thumbup:
Congrats Henry! :thumbup: You deserve it buddy.

You're car will be missed... it's a part of TN/TTCC history no matter what.
Congrats on your new Car:) Although you're getting rid of your nice Camry:(
will you part out the car?? i will buy some parts
Die Honda boy!!! J/K.

They're ugly on the outside, but they are very nice on the inside. Good cars, almost as good as a Camry:lol:

J/K, enjoy.
congrats Honduh boy.......i'm sure for the price u paid for a brand new accord..u could have gotten a used IS300......
Well we all move on at some point... Congrats on the new purchase, those Accords are hella nice cars if you like the look (personally I love the coupe, the sedan is ok but not as nice as the coupe). My buddy has an '03 V-6 and the interior on that thing is awesome.

Good luck

Remember hate the attitude, not the car... :) My iVTEC will pwn all of you.... j/k someone slap me.

I miss my Cam already, today will be the last day I drive it to work. I actually feel quite guilty for ditching it after it's been so reliable to me all these years. That 3VZ is just so torquey on the highway....

I figure, I sit in the car more than anything, so I'd rather have a nicer interior than anything else. And once you sit in this thing, man, it's just beautiful...LED dash lights, aluminum trim, even a freakin' tiny LED that shines on your shifter at night....

I considered the TSX, but I'm not paying $40G's for a freakin' super tuned 4 well, it's a bit small. Same with the IS300, and honestly, I don't want RWD because of the winter. I guess by default, I had to buy the Accord.

And for all those vultures that have PM'd me, yes, I'll be parting out some stuff...I'll post a list in the Buy/Sell section later on this week. Heck, anyone wanna buy my car straightout!?

I'll post pics later....

UfoZ8myCow-Your panel is being shipped today...the delivery guy didn't have US slips, he couldn't ship it yesterday. I polished it a bit, it's in super mint condition's so beautiful....:sosad:
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I had a loner accord 4banger auto for a few days. The interior is SUPERB (this coming from guy who loves his ES). Honda has stepped up with current gen accord in the interior dept for sure. COngrats on your purcahase..hasn't the accord i4 been the most reliable car for north american (for the last 2-3 years). I'm sure it will give you YEARS of fun. Keep on posting tho'
scared of winter driving and RWD....come gf drives one in the winter....:lol:

but think of the fun of it in the summer time..nothing beats RWD for fun factor.....i would have opted for the V6 auto...a car like that...u just want to cruise in...screw that for two seaters.....:D
Niiiice. Hondas are sweet... yeah you heard me. All hail Hondas (with the exception of the Accord sedan exterior, everything else is swank).


-throws up arms in defense of a barrage of flying trash-
MRQturbo said:
scared of winter driving and RWD....come gf drives one in the winter....:lol:

but think of the fun of it in the summer time..nothing beats RWD for fun factor.....i would have opted for the V6 auto...a car like that...u just want to cruise in...screw that for two seaters.....:D
Ahh, no one said anything about being scared, I find FWD in snow is much safer to drive than RWD by far. Heck my gf drives RWD as well, but she hates it in the winter. Plus the IS300 needs a new's still beautiful...but needs to be updated.
As well, my concern now is more towards safety. I now have a passenger airbag, side airbargs, ABS, electronic brake force distribution, etc...

We use the gf's car for cruising on long trips anyway, she only has like 75,000 for a 5 year old car...I already have a V6 auto, it's time for a change...and I have dad's Camry if needed...unless someone gives me $4500 to upgrade? :D
hmm..whatever floats your boat.

i just don't like the SOHC design the accord uses...or used, if they changed it.
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